Welcome to our blog which is dedicated to all things aesthetic. By the way, have you ever wondered where that word comes from- ‘aesthetic’? Well it describes something that is concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Here at Dr Simi Medical Aesthetics we are concerned with restoring, improving and maintaining your natural beauty using the latest advancements in the medical and aesthetic industry and all without you having to go under a surgeon’s knife!

We currently provide non-surgical injectable treatments which are ALL administered by a qualified and registered doctor. Our services are professional, safe and based on scientific research (i.e. evidence based).

…we aim to connect, educate and empower you: after all, “knowledge is power!”

So keep tuned to our blog for more information- we would love to hear from you via email, telephone or the comments section. We can’t wait for you to share your aesthetic journey with us and look forward to growing our business and our blog with you.
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Dr Simi

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