How To Choose Your Injector?

Currently Botox® & dermal filler injections are unregulated in the UK.

This means that there are many injectors “practitioners” out there who are untrained or may have attended a one day course or none at all before they begin to inject. They may be untrained and may source their products from unverified sources on the internet. If you are on this page you have already self-selected yourself as someone who cares about your own safety. Maybe you have had a bad experience with a practitioner. Maybe it’s your first time and you are doing all the research you can before you finally jump into having cosmetic treatement. Whatever the case, you must be interested in knowing more about how to keep yourself safe. So here is what you should know.


No practitioner would run their business at a loss so this should make you question if they are actually using the products they advertise?

Botox® is a prescription ONLY medicine and as such should be prescribed by a doctor or dentist who has to legally have a face to face consultation with you before prescribing.

Because of the risks of complications of injecting into the face including all the blood vessels and nerves that are potentially at risk, injectable cosmetic treatments are safest performed by qualified medical professionals (doctors, dentists and nurses) You should enquire about and be confident of your injector’s knowledge and skills before allowing them to inject you. As a surgeon one of the things you are trained to do is how to act if a complication should arise. Many beauticians would not know how to manage an injecting complication. Because Dr Simi is passionate about patient safety and believes the most important step of this is to arm you with the knowledge so you can make informed decisions about who you choose to inject you.

Dr Simi graduated from the internationally renowned medical school Imperial College London – one of the best medical schools in the country, graduating with  1st class hours and a distinction in surgery after 6 years of training.  In the following 12 years as a doctor, she completed extensive post graduate studies, training and working as a Surgeon and also worked as an Anatomy Demonstrator teaching anatomy to Imperial College medical students meaning she understands the anatomy of the face and has precise injecting skills.

She has gained membership to two Royal Colleges, (The Royal College of Surgeons followed by The Royal College of General Practitioners) and then went on to train as an Aesthetic doctor. She has also published in scientific journals including a paper about complications of surgery.

As injectable treatments essentially are a medical solution to a cosmetic problem, all our injectable treatments are performed by doctors because patient safety is a priority. Our prices reflect the skill, expertise, knowledge of the product and patients, and years of medical training that your aesthetic doctor has accumulated and the investment we put into ensuring we deliver you the safest possible service. Delivering a safe treatment also means knowing exactly what to do, should a complication occur and Dr Simi’s extensive training has equipped her with the skills to do this.

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Dr Simi